About Me

I am a Women's Self Defense Instructor & Certified Life Empowerment Coach that is dedicated to helping women change their lives by working with them and giving them the tools to do that!  

My heart’s desire is to inspire Women to be more powerful in their own lives and I believe in order to share or help others you need to experience it yourself and I have done that and now I want to show others they can do it too!

I have spent not only the money but years in learning and I believe everyone should invest in themselves and why I believe so much in Coaching and have hired my own coaches or I would not be where I am today. Having my own personal coaches has helped me to finish my book “Pretty & Powerful”  and has given me power in my life by bringing out what my own strengths & gifts are!

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My hearts desire is to truly inspire you with something positive whenever you read a post or see a video clip of mine and help you realize that you are not what others say you are and get rid of those dis-empowering beliefs that were put in your head maybe as a child or by others. You might be now or were previously in an Abusive or Toxic relationship, Unhappy in your Job or a new Empty Nester struggling with Finding Yourself and Your Passion.  It is my heart’s desire to help you find YOU and realize YOUR VALUE and from there you will GAIN STRENGTH to TAKE CONTROL of things and make those changes you were not able to make before on your own. Everyone needs someone in their corner  to cheer them on, hold them accountable, push them when needed and to give them tools to find strength and happiness! 

I Believe In You! This can be Life Changing for you!

Contact me if you are interested in scheduling some empowering  sessions with me!

Self Acceptance, Strength & Purpose For Your Life!

“Coach Lori Ann”