DO YOU HAVE EMPTY NEST SYNDROME?                                    

I must say being a mother to 3 beautiful children has been one of the biggest Joys of My Life! They are all grown and my youngest daughter just left the nest just a few months ago.  Wow, can you say “Quiet House” so quiet I find myself talking to me! Yikes!  No kidding!  No one in the kitchen raiding the refrigerator! No one to tell to “turn the lights off” “Lock the door”, “Be home on time”, Do you really need to fill the bathtub that full?” “Clean your dishes up please!” No one to hug good night anymore and look at them in the eye and say “I love you”

Writing this almost brings me to tears as it can be very painful! I remember snapchatting her and looking at her saying “I wasn’t ready yet” and I would just start crying my eyes out! I didn’t intentionally do that on our chat but I couldn’t seem to hold the tears back at first. You don’t have to feel alone in this as so many of us have been there too! I think I am still adjusting even after 6 months of her leaving but I no longer cry like that but she keeps in touch with me daily and we see each other often! Some days I just want to wrap her up and bring her back home where I can take care of her until she is older!  Yes, it’s true I do have days like that. She is only 18 after all!


Our circumstances are things that happen in life beyond our control, but how we choose to think about them is what will determine how we feel and that will be life changing! You can choose to celebrate your child’s independency and your newly found freedom (yes it’s ok to do this and feel good about it).


First remember to think of all the memories you have created with your children and now you will create more but on a different level.

Celebrate your child’s accomplishments and the fact that you have raised them independent enough to want and have the strength to go out into the world on their own! You did a Great Job Mom!   Well trust me the journey doesn’t end there.  Your child is going to need your continued support throughout their life for the rest of your life!

Now is when you will actually grow more into not just being a mom but growing a friendship with your child! Mom’s and daughters become the very best of friends and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world, to know that your daughter trusts you fully and for her you are her safe place!  I have 2 daughters & 1 son and I have that wonderful relationship and both of my daughters have told me that I am their best friend! My son and I have a very close relationship too and he still comes to me when needed and knows he can trust me in anything.  Boys & Dads become best friends most the time and I’m ok with that, I love him just the same!


I still work full time so the transition was probably a bit easier than a mom who is a stay at home mom. I still had to adjust and start looking out of the box of my normal life to see what is was that I wanted to do now, who am I? What do I do now?  I hired my own life coach to help me explore things.  I am so happy I did as I found things out about myself that has changed my life Forever for the Better!


I am now a Certified Life Coach and finished my first book and will be doing so many other things that have helped me discover who God intended me to be beyond Motherhood! I will ALWAYS be a mother and I LOVE that!  You don’t have to give that up just because you have an Empty Nest, Find other ways to CELEBRATE your New Relationship with your children!


Now that you have time for you CELEBRATE YOU, give yourself permission to do so!

You won’t regret it!


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Sincerely,    “Coach Lori Ann”



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