Have you ever asked yourself the question “Who Am I?” sure you have, read on………..

lori-strong-mountain-tennessee   HOW do I know who I am? You’ve been there from the very beginning of time…………God instilled something in you as you were formed in your mother’s womb.

Things in life tend to create who we think we are…… a failed test, lost job, broken relationship, others who have walked away……. they tell us we just don’t measure up, we’re not smart enough, pretty enough or we’ll never make anything out of our life.  We start to believe these dis-empowering thoughts about ourselves and we only grow as far as what we have been told.

We only go as far as we see those before us go.  It’s not your fault as that is what you were taught.

Don’t let your job, your children or your husband define who you are completely.  Now don’t take this wrong as I don’t mean it as it sounds.  Every person needs to know who they are on a separate basis.  Sure we are mothers, wives & friends, we work a certain job but don’t let that paycheck define who you are.

If you lose any of those things you will be so very lost and will have no idea who you are.  Knowing who you are as an individual will truly help compliment who you are as a mother, wife or friend & help you to do better at your job!

We don’t really search to see who God intended us to be! Maybe we just never knew that was an option.

I invite you to find out who you truly are.

Don’t know where to begin………contact me “Coach Lori Ann” to schedule some discovery sessions to find out more about you!

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