Women’s Self Defense


When it comes to Self Defense your FIRST  weapon is your mind 100%! If you don’t believe you are worth fighting for, you will may not fight back! You are valuable and you need to realize that first and foremost.

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SECOND is you need to know the most vulnerable targets on the attackers body!

THIRD you need to know the best weapons you have with you All the time!

FOURTH you need to know how & where to strike!

FIFTH Tips on Safety and how to avoid becoming a target!

WOMANLY POWER SELF DEFENSE was created by a WOMAN for WOMEN who can use it without having any prior Martial Arts training, etc. It was put together for Females by a Female! SIMPLE TECHNIQUES that WORK!

Lori Ann has a 3rd degree black belt in several styles of Martial Arts. She trained for over 13 years and competed in competitions and coached many students to become Champion Martial Artists! She holds the title of Women’s Black Belt Self Defense Champion as well!  One of her Passions is to help Women become Stronger in all areas of their lives as she is also a Life Coach that helps Women become All that God Created them to be!

Contact Lori Ann at her email for further information. May God Bless You and Help You Be All You Were Meant To Be!

Remember………YOU are BEAUTIFUL!